Lemax has always adopted quality in its production philosophy.
We have always been particularly sensitive and attentive to the evolutions of the market , with a continuous updating of our products. We costantly dedicate ourselves in supplying well aimed and specific solutions to the growing quality demands in the field of Lemax technologies, with an ongoing commitment to reliability , safety, and durability. Lemax contractors can meet the growing demands of the market through their professionalism, and their ability to carry out their work according to the relevant codes of practice, and most importantly , using high quality products with guaranteed and certified performances.


Today’s technical report

Cool Roofs “Cool Roofs” are defined as coverings and roofs characterized by high capacity to reflect incident solar radiation and, at the same time, to emit infrared heat energy. They can provide an effective solution to the problem of overheating in summer of individual buildings and large urban areas. A “cool roof”, has a roof identified by a high albedo value, that is, the ability to reflect solar incident radiation, combined with a high infrared emission, which allows the surface the return to the atmosphere the majority of the absorbed solar radiations. In practice, a cool roof can be obtained by applying to the surface of the cover a layer of very lightcoloured outer surface finish, preferably white with non-metallic material characteristics. A type of coverage with similar…

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